Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator Review

Disclaimer: In exchange for this review, I received a box of Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator.  All views expressed here are my own.

How do you #fuelyourbetter?

I have been wanting to try Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator for a while now…but never got around to actually doing it.  Typical.  Anyway, when the opportunity appeared in my inbox to review the product (through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink), I took it!

I was so excited to try the Recovery Accelerator because 1) I am lacking in the post-workout fuel department and 2) I love Vega products because they are plant based.

vega2After a hard, sweaty run in the park last week, I came home and immediately prepared the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator.  All you do is add the packet of powder to 12 oz of cold water and mix.   Some of the powder separates so keep a spoon handy or use a straw to periodically remix the drink.
acceleratorIt was exactly what I wanted and what my body needed after a run.  It has a refreshing taste, and you can barely tell it’s a powdered drink.  I gulped it down!  The mixture contains plant-based ingredients that replenish electrolytes, reduce inflammation and muscle pain, and support immune system function, all to help reduce recovery time between workouts.  As with the best recovery products, the mixture follows the 4:1 carbohydrates to protein ratio that is proven to increase muscle glycogen re-synthesis (fancy speak for “repair your muscles”) after a workout.

I will definitely be sticking with this product because….

1) It is super easy and quick to make

2) You can stash it in any bag, and add it to any water bottle post workout, or even post race

3) It tastes good – I’m just not going to eat/drink things I don’t like

4) It is vital to fitness to fuel post-workout, and this is a really easy way to do it

I do want to add that this is not a meal replacement.  It’s important to have fuel (4:1 carbohydrates to protein) in the 20-30 minutes following a workout, and this product is perfect for that.  But I did follow up with a meal, because it contains a mere 80 calories.  Below are the nutrition facts and ingredient list if you’re interested.

vega3vega4If you’re like me and need something that is easy, tasty, and mobile, then this could be perfect you.  I am giving my all during this marathon training, and I can afford for anything to hold me back. Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator will be helping me fuel my better.  I can’t afford not to!

If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

muscle glycogen re-synthesis



Eating:    lots of watermelon and pineapple. Shocker.


Drinking:    double fisting coffee and water.

Reading:    Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.  I recommend it!


Obsessed with:    my new Garmin!


Excited for:    a weekend in NH with the family.  It’s been way too long!


Don’t forget you can still use the code PINK at PRO Compression’s online store for 40% off your entire order of marathon socks, sleeves, and ankle socks!


What’s happening in your world?

PRO Compression Calf Sleeves Review – Discount Code Included!

Disclaimer:  In order to participate in this review, I received a free pair of PRO Compression Calf Sleeves.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I was recently give the opportunity to review PRO Compression Socks or Calve Sleeves through my Sweat Pink ambassadorship with Fit Approach.  I jumped on the opportunity, because HELLO, I love PRO Compression socks (and the company).


I have two pairs of marathon socks which I wear mostly for recovery, and they are amazing.  So for this review, I thought I’d try out the calf sleeves.

Pro compression3

For those of you who are new to compression sleeves and socks, here are the benefits:

- Maximized blood flow

- Additional support to feet/calves during tough workouts

- Moisture control

Pro compression2

I wore the calf sleeves during my run this morning, a six mile interval run.  My legs were feeling a bit heavy from a rest day yesterday, so I needed the extra support.  I was curious to see how they compared to the socks, and what I found was:

- The sleeves are super easy and quick to put on, perfect for early morning runs where you roll out of bed into your running clothes, half asleep.

- Since the sleeves aren’t a full sock, there is a bit more breathing room, therefore you stay cooler.

- My warm-up period felt shorter.  The tired feeling went away really quickly during my run.

- They are great for recovery.  I get a tingling feeling in my legs after tough runs, and slipping on the sleeves/socks really helps.

pro compression1

Sometimes I’m sneaky and wear them at work!


If you’d like to try a pair for yourself, and I highly recommend you do, visit their website and use the discount code “PINK” for 40% off your entire purchase!

ProCompression Logo

Hope you’re all having a good day!  Enjoy the discount code!


Tweet: I #KeepItTight w/ @PROCompression! Use the code PINK for 40% OFF your entire purchase! @fitapproach #sweatpink

Marathon Training Has OFFICIALLY Begun!

Yesterday was Day #1 of Marathon Training!  I really needed it to start, I was feeling so antsy without a plan.  And you probably wanted it to start, so that I would stop talking about wanting it to begin…

Of course the weather was perfect, to match my exceedingly high levels of energy at 6:00am.  I ran 5.00 miles in the park, and finished with strides, for a total of 5.5 miles.  When I got back to my apt, I completed 30 minutes of strength training and recovered with Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator.  It was glorious.

Full review of Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator coming soon!



That’s right: I am the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 220!  James chewed my last Garmin (boo), but it was dying anyway since it was almost 10 years old.  I was in desperate need, so I went for it.  If I am sure of anything, it’s that I WILL get my money’s worth out of this watch :)

Today is a rest day, because Tuesdays are my long days of work.  I’m already excited about tomorrow morning’s workout!



Weekend Wrap-Up


Did you all have a nice weekend?  Mine was wonderful – both fun and relaxing, albeit much too short.  Aren’t they always, though?

It started with 11 miles on Saturday, 9 of them with friends…

weekend2 weekend4Then cappuccino and snuggles with my boys.  FW makes the BEST cappuccinos…


weekend6 Later on we both had friends who were visiting so we met up for afternoon beers.  I got to see my friend, PF from England, who I have not seen in 5 years!  It was just like old times and really warmed my heart.

On Sunday, I slept in and did some work…I haven’t had a quiet Sunday in so long!  I went to bed early, because today was MY FIRST DAY OF MARATHON TRAINING! Check out the blog tomorrow for a recap :)

How was your weekend?!

Running, James & Cheese – A Good Day

Apologies for being MIA the past few days…had a whole bunch of stuff to take care of and well, frankly, the blog didn’t make the list.  But here I am now, and I’m sure you’re dying to hear how my runs have been…please note the sarcasm :)

I had to take two long tests yesterday, which actually were kind of fun.  I’m a huge nerd, and getting to do a school work type activity was surprisingly pleasing!  And bonus, after I was done, I had a little time with James before it was time for run club…

wednesay PM1

We love the dog park, even if we’re just lounging :)

Wednesday PM2No running pics yesterday, just pre- and post-run!

Got soul?

KJ and I couldn’t resist a smoothie after a 6 miler. I got Tropical Harvest: butternut squash, carrot, sweet potato, peaches and mango. YUM.

I made myself pasta last night, using LC’s delicious recipe.  Of course, it was not nearly as good as hers (she is a wizard with the pasta!), but it did the job.  I added spinach to the tomatoes because yesterday was lacking in the green department.  Oh, and check out this cheese “block”!

Wednesday PM5

How are YOU?

Another Weekend for the Books

What a fantastic bridal shower weekend for my sister!


Gift bags (home made ring trays by yours truly) and the beautiful flowers.


Love IS sweet!


Mum and CQ. She is wearing a beautiful shell lei from MB who we missed very much!


The happy couple <3


Mum and I


The best big sister <3

There were so many beautiful guests, however I forget to get permission to post their pics…but rest assured it was FULL of wonderful women, and few nuggets too!


Sunday morning run around the Charles with CQ.


Sweaty selfie!

Just an amazing weekend.  So excited for the big day!!


How was your weekend?


But I Was Still Hungry…

I have morphed into The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

the-very-hungry-caterpillarLet me explain. 

I went to the Dr. Jordan Metzl’s IronStrength class in the park today.  I’ve done it before, as you may recall: 30 minutes of skipping/running up and down a hill, then 30 minutes of plyometrics.  The workout historically takes it out of me.  But this morning, I just could not push.  (Go figure, today was the day the New York Times was filming our workout; I am sure to appear as a slow blob of thigh running by the camera.)  I had no “oomph”.  When I got home, I stretched, aka lay on my mat.

Confession: I have not been very good about eating recently.  I cannot stress enough that this is not purposeful.  But when it’s hot out, I don’t have an appetite.  And if I’m not hungry, it’s hard for me to force myself to eat.  So needless to say, this morning I found myself dehydrated and under-nourished.  Hence my lack of “oomph”; I have only myself to blame!

So enter The Very Hungry Caterpillar. When I finally dragged myself to work, I ate an egg and cheese on a wheat bagel with coffee.  But I was still hungry.  Then I ate through about half a pack of blueberries (“You’re turning violet, Violet!”).  But I was still hungry.  So I waited for lunch.

At lunch, I ate a huge tuna fish sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on wheat bread with watermelon…and I was finally full!  Except I’ve already planned dinner (pizza, duh).

So, lesson learned: I need to eat more.  I workout/run a lot, so I need to be better about properly fueling my body.  This is not a dire situation, but this morning was a wake up call: if I want my body to do the workouts I plan, then I need to give it proper fuel.  I feel like I’m making up for lost calories – after today’s calorie blast I should be back on track!

And now I’d love a nap.

Newbie Biker – I Need Your Help!

You all remember when I got my bike?

bikeI bought it in March, and obviously had to wait wait a few months before I could ride.  Since it’s now summer and beautiful, I’ve been riding it in secret.  And by secret, I mean not talking about it on the blog.

I am a very new bike rider.  I spent more than half my childhood on the seat of a bike, but riding for exercise and speed is much different (as I’m sure you are aware).  SO, here is where you give me alllll your advice.  So far, I have gleaned that I need to keep my shoulders down and sit up on my seat.  WHAT ELSE?!   I’m hoping to not look like a child riding a fancy bike.

Anyway, now the secret’s out, so here is proof of my ride last night (8 gorgeous miles in the Park!):

bike1 bike2

Oh, and don’t worry Mom & Dad, it wasn’t as dark out as it looks :)

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