10 Things I Learned From My Mum

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mumma!

487845_651029699251_479080923_nThis was taken in Hawaii, a year and half ago (I want to go back!).  I won’t tell you her age, but I will tell you I hope I inherited her genes!


In honor of her birthday, here is a list of 10 things she has taught me:


10.  Eating dinner with your family each night is important.  Really important.

9.   Exercise and eating right are a must, but it’s okay to have dessert if you eat your vegetables first.

8.   Save your money; you don’t know when you may need a little extra.

7.   Share your gifts and talents with others.

6.   Take chances.

5.   It’s fun to look forward to things, but don’t wish away the time in between.

4.  “Friends” who are mean to you are not really friends.

3.  Work hard and be proud of what you achieve.

2.  Treat people the way you want to be treated.  Seriously.

1.  Women are strong and smart; you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be.


I could go on and on…. I am so lucky to have a mother who taught me such valuable lessons.


Happiest of birthdays, Mum!  I love you so much!


Recovery Plan Updates

Hello everyone!

I took a few inadvertent days off from blogging while recovering.  I had a lot going on with work, and then I got sick on Thursday, so I decided not to push it.  But I am back now and feeling much, much better.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Before I ramble on about insignificant nothings, I want to give a BIG shout out to everyone running and watching the Boston Marathon today!  It’s a huge day for runners around the globe.  The running community is resilient!

In a nutshell: my recovery plan worked.  I slept a lot, did yoga, and only ran one day last week.  On Saturday, I also added in some light weight training.  I walked a lot over the weekend (it was so beautiful out!), and I think that helped a lot too.  I finally feel fresh and energetic; I haven’t felt this rejuvenated in a long time!

Other updates: I am officially running the Philadelphia Marathon in November! I am very excited and can’t wait to start training, even though it’s a while away :)

Now for a phone dump:


James loves his snuggle time.


Saturday’s light weight workout post-run. If you haven’t heard, I #willrunforjuice.

Beautiful morning run!

Beautiful morning run!

Sweaty selfie.  Not so cute.

Sweaty selfie. Not so cute.


Lunch today – taco salad!

I’m trying to step up my food game (read: eat more, eat right), and so I made tacos last night. Gasp! I combined lean ground beef with onions, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, chili powder and one cup of water.  Topped the tacos with lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, and salsa.  They were so tasty, as was my leftover lunch.  Let’s hope this is the start of something new!

Lastly….GO MEB!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me about your weekend!

My Recovery Plan

Hello, hello!

My plan to go to an early yoga this morning was thwarted by my body, which decided to ignore my alarm and continue sleeping. Some of you who have known me for years will remember a time when this was a common occurrence.  But ever since a bout of insomnia in grad school, sleeping through my alarm is rare.

Here’s the bottom line: I am tired.  I’ve been training since January and I’ve completed three races: two half marathons and a 15k, all in one month.  My body needs some time.  So here is my plan:

- no running until Friday (that’s four days off from running)

- foam roll

- massage (tonight!)

- yoga

- rest, rest, rest

- eat lots of healthy foods

- drink lots of water

- compression socks (PRO Compression are my favorite)


How do you recover from a long training season?

MORE / Fitness Magazine Half Marathon Recap

As you probably have read by now via the blogosphere, the More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon in Central Park was yesterday.  It was a beautiful day to run a race, the largest all women’s half marathon in the country.  Truly inspiring!  I had a pretty good race.  But let’s back up, shall we?

On Saturday morning, Girls on the Run Solemates Committee (that’s me!) hosted a shake out run at Athleta followed by bagels and coffee.  Then I headed to the expo: got my number and snagged some goodies.  I spent the rest of the day doing some work, foam rolling, and indulging in a green smoothie.

More Half3And Saturday night I enjoyed my pre-race staple of pasta with tomato sauce, while watching The Good Wife (I just started and OMG it is good!).

More Half2

I ate while sitting on my bed – terrible, I know.

I was up at 6:00am for oatmeal (which I had to gag down) and coffee (which goes down like water), and before I knew it, it was time to head out the door!  I had planned on wearing my Girls on the Run t-shirt since we were an official charity partner of the race (!), but it was too warm.

More Half 7I met my friend Kathy and we got to the start at about 7:30am and immediately got in line for the toilets.  Here is where the trouble begins.  I have to go.  Do I have time?  No.  Do I stop along the way during the race?  No.  BAD PLAY ANNIE.

But here’s some cute pics from the start!

More Half4

Kathy, me & Jackie. They both killed it!

More HAlf6The course was two loops of Central Park, and that means HILLS.  The three of us started out together, and we definitely pushed the speed too much in the beginning.  I knew this was going to be a challenging race to pace, but I still had trouble sticking to the game plan.  Positive splits it was.

I had to go to the bathroom the whole time.  It wasn’t really bothering me, but I was aware I was holding it.  I told myself my body would reabsorb it (runners, right?).  Well, it didn’t.  I started REALLY having to go at mile 10.  By mile 11, I was cramping.  By mile 12, I was shuffling.  I shuffled my cramping stomach all the way to the finish and proceeded to collapse in half.

My favorite part was when a volunteer was trying to get the three of us to move and I was crouched on the ground trying to not go everywhere: Jackie yells “she is going to crap her pants if she stands up, back off!”  Ha!

It was nothing serious, except that I basically had a huge charlie horse in my lower abdomen that would not release itself.  An hour later, I was lying on my bed and it started to relax.  Don’t worry guys: I lived.  But I have some sore lower abs today!  And I will never allow this to happen again.  Lesson learned the hard way!

I finished in 1:52, 8:34 average.  Not even close to my PR.  Of course I’m ruminating over what I should have done differently, but I’m really okay with it. Not every race can be a PR, and I knew that I was running this for fun, not for time.  And, it was awesome running with friends, especially Kathy and Jackie who killed it and barely looked like they had run a half marathon.  That was really cool.

More Half5

It was a fun race to finish up the spring racing season!

Anyone run this race?  How was your weekend?

Fashion Friday

What a week.  I won’t bore you with the amount of things that didn’t go as planned, but luckily it all happened during beautiful weather.  The sunshine helps me freak out less. I had a beautiful, relaxed, three-mile yesterday around the Reservoir…

Res1Res2Res4It’s so beautiful, I just can’t get over it!  The weather for Sunday looks perfect – partly cloudy and in the low 60′s.  Perfect weather for running a half-marathon in Central Park!  If you’re in NYC, come check out New York women busting their butts up those hills – TWICE!

And now, for Fashion Friday :)



What are you wearing today?  Tell me your plans for the weekend!

Spring Has Sprung!

I think it’s safe to say,  SPRING IS HERE!

It’s hard to be tapering during such a beautiful week, but the rest has been good for me and I’m enjoying getting out when I can!  I took both Monday and Tuesday off to let my legs recover from all the hills I put them through last week – and they feel much better.

This morning I went on a beautiful 3 mile run.  It felt SO good to feel the cool air on my skin, the warm(ish) sun on my face…we made it, guys.  We made it through that awful winter that seemed like it would never end.  Anyone else feeling significantly better?!


I had a great conversation with my sister, MQ, last night.  We were talking about the pressure we sometimes feel to live our lives a certain way.  In our society, we are inundated by what people are doing with their lives and how they are doing it.  And while usually I enjoy it, it sometimes leads to negative self-talk.  There are so many accomplished people that seem to be “doing it all” and perfectly, at that.  But a) no one is perfect and b) two lives cannot be measured against each other.  We all choose our own paths and build our own lives.

It’s easy to get caught up in what we “should” be doing, or even relying on the big events as proof of success and happiness.  I am making a conscious effort to enjoy the moments in my day, in my life, which I created for myself.  The big events will come; but the in between is where happiness lies.


How do you enjoy the space between?

Workout Recap

Hello everyone!

Did you all have a nice weekend?  Mine was chock full of running, working, prepping, and social fun.  Yes, I’m beat!

The More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon in Central Park is next Sunday.  I planned on doing about 20 miles for the week, with a 7 mile long run.  I got to 20 pretty quick, so you will notice I only have 3 days of running.  That’s crazy low for me (you all know I hate tapering), but my body is tired so I’m concentrating on the “rest” part instead of the “i’m not running” part.  Here’s the full recap:

Monday, March 31st:  60 minute Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday, April 1st:  rest day

Wednesday, April 2nd:  7.13 miles with hills

Thursday, April 3rd:   3.0 easy miles

Friday, April 4th:  rest day

Saturday, April 5th:  9.68 miles

Sunday, April 6th:  rest day

Total: 19.81 miles

This week is all about resting.  Since it will be a hilly course on Sunday, I want my legs to be extremely rested.  My body has been tired, I think from the cumulative effect of training for all these races.  Super fun, super hard work!

Since no blog post is complete without a picture or two, here are some of my fun eats for the weekend:



How was your weekend?  What did your weekend in workouts look like?

Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday!!

I shared some links yesterday, and I’ve been missing Fashion Friday.  So, here we are.  And please, excuse my bathroom selfies – one day I will be fancy enough to get someone else to photograph my outfits.  But that day is not today.

ootd1 (2)ootd1 (1)


Pants: Paige / Shirt: Equipment / Sweater: Gift / Heels: Sole Society

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Links I’m Loving

Hello there on this gorgeous Thursday!  I keep thinking it’s Wednesday, which is a much more fun mistake than thinking it’s Friday.  Everyone having a good week?  I heard the birds chirping outside my window this morning – spring is in the air!


Today I want to share with you the links I’m loving.  I’ve come across some good stuff that is worth sharing!

Monika Allen on SELF Magazine Feature   Listen to her inspirational journey with brain cancer and her optimistic take on the situation.

Run Inspired   Read through tons of runners’ inspirational stories.  I teared up reading some of them.

These pants    I’m loving all the spring florals!

RUNspiration   A tumblr dedicated to running inspiration.  Reading through will make you want to go for a run immediately!

Zuccini Noodles with Shrimp    Looks so tasty and yummy! I’ll let you know when I try it.


What links are you loving today?


Not Every Run Can Be a Good Run

Last night, I had two glasses of wine and popcorn for dinner.  I was at a meeting, having fun, and I went for that second glass.  Two glasses of wine used to be normal for me – but now that I’m training harder, I’m drinking much, much less.  I knew that I planned to do a tougher run this morning, but against my good judgement (or rather, without consenting my judgement) I went for the second glass.  Such a tasty decision at the time…

…that I instantly regretted in the morning.  I wasn’t drunk last night; I wasn’t hungover this morning.  I just didn’t have the pep I normally do when I get up to run.  Luckily, I was meeting KJ, and so I was accountable.  I met her in the park for another hilly route, and we struggled through together (she was having an identical experience).

I was cursing Cat Hill when it came it just before exiting the park – I even almost walked.  But then I sucked it up, yelled at myself that it was my fault, and not Cat Hill’s fault (though it is a little bit the hill’s fault) and I got my tush up that hill.

struggle run

The evidence.


Here’s the thing: not every run can be a good run, not every run can be super duper fast.  Sometimes, you just have to run.  Ignore the speed, ignore how you think you “should” feel, and put one foot in front of the other.  You will still get to the end.  And really, it’s these struggle runs that make us stronger.  Because when you’re struggling in a race, pushing your body to achieve a goal, you’re going to rely on those runs where you pushed through mentally and physically.  If it was always easy, we’d never improve!

And yes, this struggle run was 100% my fault.  I should have had a real dinner and not had wine.  But sometimes you just have to live a little. And the way I see it, I managed to enjoy some great wine with some great girls AND got through a tough workout. Things could be much, much worse!


Anyone else have one of these struggle runs recently?  Can you relate?  How do you push through a tough run?

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