Fashion Friday – Vacation Edition

Happy Friday!

My outfit today is not Fashion Friday worthy.  My hair is pulled back (not in a cute way), my nail polish is chipped, and my outfit is thrown together.  I will be honest: some days, I just do not put it altogether.



So instead of showing you my outfit, I will show you the summer outfits I am coveting for my upcoming Maine vacation.  I tried to pin only outfits that I actually HAD the pieces for (refer to image above).  You can follow me on Pinterest – my username is annieq1013.  Enjoy!

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It’s very possible I spend the whole week in running clothes, a bathing suit, and yoga pants.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Going Off Track Can Be a Good Thing

Sometimes going off track can be a good thing.

Like the past two days.  I’ve had a lot to think about, been battling a migraine, and requiring extra sleep.  My body did not allow me to run on Wednesday, which, at the time, only increased my stress.  I’m the kind of person who snowballs once I feel that things are out of my control.  And being unable to run because of a migraine…that’s all it takes.

But these past two days I have tried something new.  After waking up yesterday with a migraine, I knew I couldn’t run.  So I promised myself I would run last night.  But after a day of trying to keep a migraine at bay (those of you who get migraines know what I mean), I was exhausted and stressed out.  Instead of forcing myself out there, I decided to listen to my body.  Instead of running junk miles and crashing afterwards, I had a nice meal with FW. Turns out, that was just what the doctor ordered.

And again this morning…I normally get up pretty easily to go run, because I love it.  But this morning, I could not get out of bed.  My eyes wouldn’t open and my legs wouldn’t move.  So I slept in.  And the result?  I feel 100% today.  Rejuvenated.  Ready to complete my workout tonight with full energy.  Ready to get back on track.

Sometimes going off track can be a good thing.  It can mean that your body needed a little extra TLC.  Listening to your body can be the difference between injury/sickness and health.  There are times when your body needs a little extra recovery time.  And that’s okay.  Because in the end, going off track will mean you are better able to stay on track.




Marathon Training Update

Time for a marathon training update!

Weeks of Training:  currently in the 5th week

Weeks Left of Training:  14 weeks to go!

Longest Run:  14 miles this past Sunday

What I’m Doing Now:  Cut back week – easy runs, rolling and stretching before the intensity picks up next week!

What I’m Doing Next Week:  More speed workouts, more miles, and a 14 mile long run

How I’m Feeling:  Fantastic!  I’m feeling strong, healthy and motivated.  I have a tight hamstring, but it’s nothing that lots of rolling and stretching can’t fix!


Are you training for anything?  How is your training/exercising going?

What Happens in Vegas…

…stays in Vegas!

But I’ll give you a few pics because, well, I’m a blogger.

The week consisted of hotel gazing and touring…


The Bellagio

The Cosmo

My cute companion.

Eating over-sized and unhealthy but tasty food…


This pancake may have kicked me of my habit completely!

Seriously huge portions.


My first time at In-N-Out Burger. Unhealthy but good. Don’t worry, the rest of my meals were healthier.

I kept up my training…

Running, strength training and stretching, oh my!

And while FW worked, I was pool side.

I love pools.

Vegas is a crazy place!  It was a great week, with a nice mix of fun and relaxing.  But it’s always good to be back in NYC!


How was your week?


Five Random Things

Thanks for all your comments about rest days!  It seems like most of us struggle to take them, but at least we’re in it together.  I love getting your feedback!

Five random things for today:

1.  I cannot get enough of this face.  And in the morning, he makes it impossible to get out of bed.

2.  FW, LC, WE, and I went bowling on Sunday.  I was amazingly bad/truly awful.  But it was still fun!


3.  I ate a salad for lunch today, and I didn’t gag.


4.  I love this city.  I love it so much.


5.  I finally tried Quest Bars, and they are good!  A little bit “vitaminy” but they are great in a pinch (especially if you microwave them and pretend they are cookies).



Share something random with me from your day!

The Dreaded-But-Necessary Rest Days

Rest Days.  Many runners dread a rest day.  We get used to how our bodies feel when we exercise (aka AWESOME), and so rest days leave us feeling sub-par.  But regardless of what our hearts tell us, when it comes to rest days, we have to use our brains.


Most runners require 1-2 rest days per week, though some may prefer more.  One of these days can include yoga, or gentle cardio, but you should have at least one true day of rest.  No exercise. Nada. Zilch. You get the idea.

Runner’s World explains that the purpose of rest days is to do the following:

  •  Prevent overuse injuries by resting your body and allowing it to repair itself
  • Restore glycogen stores (critical for long distance running)
  • Prevent mental burnout

Although it may feel like taking a day of rest will hurt your training, it is quite the opposite.  A rest day each week gives your body time to heal, and your brain time to rest.  If you want to continuing running, uninjured, than you have to give your body time to repair itself.

So, what should you do on your rest day?

  • Sleep
  • Stretch
  • Foam roll
  • Continue to eat healthy and nutritious foods

Figure out what works for your body, whether it’s one, two, or three days of rest.  Running everyday will lead to injury; believe me, I learned the hard way!


How many rest days do you take?  Do you dread them or enjoy them?


Night At the Museum

How was your weekend?!

I’m going to get right to the point here – Night At the Museum was AMAZING.  For those of you haven’t been bombarded by my social media posts on the topic: Night At the Museum was just that – an adult sleepover in the Museum of Natural History.  They have these sleepovers for children, but this was the first opportunity for adults.

The night started with champagne and live jazz on the terrace.

FW and our friend BD.

Then a yummy three course dinner.


P.S. FW won that stuffed tiger!


Two VERY excited adult-kids.

After dinner, we roamed the mostly empty museum exhibits and attended an assortment of programs.  A few highlights:


Night4 Night5

One of the programs was a live animal show which included a golden eagle, an owl, a snake, a baby alligator, and a lemur!

After a show at the Planetarium, we made it to the Dinosaur Exhibit just before they closed it for the night.  And guys: it was EMPTY.

Night13 Night14 They closed the exhibits around 1:30, so by 2:30 we were falling asleep on our cots under the whale.  While the cots were obviously not ideal, falling asleep to the sound of waves in dim lighting was amazing.


The next morning, we had breakfast and got one last tour of the Mammals exhibit before heading home around 10:00am – when the public started swarming the museum.  After a nice long nap, FW and I woke up to our faces on the homepage of the New York Times!


Big thanks to LC for finding this!

It was such an incredible experience to be in an empty museum – with only 150 people in attendance, it felt like you were 1 among 10.  The building is enormous – huge hallways, super tall ceilings – but it feels small when packed with museum goers.  I can completely understand how the movie ‘Night At the Museum’ came about – at night, you are just waiting for the animals and skeletons to move!  Huge, enormous thanks to FW for taking me as his date <3

How was your weekend?

Random Tidbits

First random tidbit:

Last night before bed, I was feeling super motivated about life.  I set my alarm for a zealous 5:30am, with the intent of snoozing until 6:00am.  Sounds like a great plan, right?  It would have been, it I hadn’t SLEPT THROUGH MY ALARM and woken up, luckily, at 7:04am!!

I was totally thrown off. I was supposed to do a 4 mile easy run and strength training, but I was only able to fit in the 4 miles.  Naturally, I emailed Coach Jess in a panic.  She assured me it’s fine, I can do the strength training tomorrow.  But UGH!


Second random tidbit:

Now I’m blasting my body with a high calorie lunch, because I’m determined to catch back up, nutritionally speaking.  I have a LOT of hard training to do, and I need my body to be energized and ready to go.

Third random tidbit:

Last night, I met Otis.  Otis is CCJ’s brother’s dog, and he could NOT be cuter!

puppyLook at him! Look at his paws! Look at his little nose!  Animals make me so happy.


How is your day?  Do you hate sleeping through your alarm as much as I do?  Tidbits from your day?



A Beautiful Evening Run In My Favorite City

I don’t normally push my morning workouts to the evening, but I did yesterday.  All day I thought I’d pay for it – an evening run normally means heat I’m not used to running in, lots of water breaks, and regret for not having completed the working in the morning, as planned.


The weather!  Unbelievable.  Warm, breezy, and dry.  It was the perfect night to run in the Park, and I was so glad in fact that I had pushed my workout.  I completed my 6 mile run, with strides and strength training, on a beautiful evening in my favorite city.


What did you do last night?

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